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Who we are ?

NajjFarid Pro is a boutique consulting firm based in Cairo, Egypt designed to facilitate foreign investment throughout the MENA market. 

With its team of industry experts, NajjFarid Pro provides an all-inclusive advisory package to support its clients’ needs, including market and industry research, commercial feasibility studies, business establishment, and project management services.

We at NajjFarid Pro strive to be the leader in providing investment support services to clients across the MENA region through our connections with local partners and governmental entities. To do this, we provide investment facilitation throughout the three areas of foreign business investment: pre-investment support, start-up services, and aftercare services.

Why NajjFarid Pro ?

The only way to invest in today’s world is to do so on a global scale. Yet, investing in foreign markets with different government regulations, investment laws, and local economies can be difficult.

These factors often turn away investors who are missing out on potential foreign investments.

NajjFarid Pro is a one-stop-shop for foreign investors to secure investments in Egypt and the MENA region, from the pre-investment stage all the way through aftercare services. Working in tandem with local government agencies, local partners, and capital providers, NajjFarid Pro can provide every investor with comprehensive investment services in a digital ecosystem that services Africa and the MENA region.

Our Services for Investors

Pre-Investment Support

NajjFarid Pro provides Pre-Investment Support services to identify and assess investment opportunities in the region. Such services are all-encompassing, and include industry reports and analysis, market studies and cost-benefit analysis, insight into government legislation and regulation, and more.

Start-Up Services

Once a target investment is identified, NajjFarid Pro provides Startup Assistance to ensure all investments obtain adequate funding and adhere to local government and legal regulations. NajjFarid Pro's team offers full representation to its clients for legal registration, licensing, raising equity and/or acquiring debt financing. Through its partnerships across the MENA region, NajjFarid Pro assists its clients in fostering relationships with strategic partners in government and private business to better facilitate investment.

Aftercare Services

After an investment is made, NajjFarid Pro Aftercare Services monitor the investment until its successful completion. NajjFarid Pro facilitates the appointment of a Board of Trustees, Audit Committee, and project manager. Simultaneously, the firm supports investors through investment-related problems, ensuring their investments are safely preserved.

Our Services for Governments

Strategic planning & Performance

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Change Management Programs

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Digital Transformation in Governments

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Innovation in Governments

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